I am a beginner – at art and drawing. The recipient of multiple and advanced college degrees in science and business, I’ve worked professionally in scientific research, hospitals, as well as in Silicon Valley high tech firms as a software product manager. I never took literature or art…

…but when I was home helping to care for my elderly parents on our family farm I began to feel like I had stories to tell. And when my sister died I found little bits of art she’d done – a childhood drawing, a college lab notebook – my sister with a PhD in biochemistry.

I began to think I’d better get busy if I wanted to explore the world of writing and drawing. It began with a class here and another class there. I’ve always been a visual thinker – working on user interfaces. But, even as a beginner it became clear that my random effort at art wouldn’t progress without learning to draw. And with a bit of serendipity through a network of people I’d cultivated for writing I found someone to teach me to be an artist — someone so skilled at art and illustration it took my breath away that he would help a beginner.

Small drawings every day seem manageable in this journey toward artist – not too overwhelming or too time consuming – even when there is other work or bigger drawing assignments to do. “Eggs,” my teacher said – “could take a year of work to learn to draw.” This blog is born from my work toward drawing an egg a day.

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